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why planning

Why do we Plan?according to Faludi (a Professor of spatial policy systems in Europe at the University of Nijmegen)

- Guiding overall economic stability and growth in national societies.

- Providing public services to meet the general needs of the population.

- Investing in areas that are of little interest to provoke capital because of low rates of return, diffused benefits, and the large size of the investment required.

- Subsidizing corporate interest and farmers to encourage specific actions.

- Protecting property owners and local business interest against the ravages of unrestrained market rationality.

- Redistributing income to achieve a more equitable and just social order.

 - Applying comprehensive and coordinate planning approaches to area development

 - Restraining market rationality in the name of social interests.

- Transferring income to the victim of market rationality.

- Ameliorating other dysfunctional consequences of market rationality