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المنتدى الأردني للتخطيط

How to become a Member ?

Application Form طلب إنتساب للمنتدى الأردني للتخطيط


The Jordanian Planning Forum (JPF) is now an official institution and has an elected administrative board which has to approve the registration of members. In order to become a member, you have to follow these steps:

1.    Visit JPF website and register.

2.    JPF site administrator will approve tentatively your registration and will ask you to fill the membership application which can be downloaded from

3.    Scan and send your application to

4.    JPF administrative board will review your application and you will be informed either ACCEPTED or REJECTED within (14) days from registration date.

5.    You will be asked to pay the membership dues (Annual JD 24 for Students, 36 for monthly income less than 1000 JD, 48 JD for monthly income more than 1000 JD + 10 JD as once-time registration fees) by the treasurer or as deposit in the JPF bank account.

6.    If you reach this stage, you will be a full member and can enjoy JPF membership benefits including having your own corner. The purpose of having a member’s corner is to give each member an opportunity to expose him/her self to the public and in addition to that, JPF is proud to have quality people as you on its page.


and professionals in related fields


and other elected and appointed officials


Undergraduate university students