Jordanian Planning Forum  

المنتدى الأردني للتخطيط

The objectives of Jordanian Planning Forum are

  1. Providing a platform for planners to communicate and share planning knowledge on both; the  national and international levels.
  2. Raising awareness of the planning profession among Jordanian communities and other concerned professionals.
  3. Presenting   independent professional stands about urban and civic issues.
The Goals of the Jordanian Planning Forum are


  1. Bringing planning practitioners from all disciplines together within a unified body that allows exchange and networking.
  2. Facilitating mutual dialogues, experiences exchange, joint work and research among planners within and outside Jordan.
  3. Promoting sound planning practices and new planning concepts through advocacy, training and outreach. 
  4. Building networks with partners and stakeholders who are engaged in planning practices.
  5. Disseminating Planning knowledge.