Jordanian Planning Forum  

المنتدى الأردني للتخطيط

JPA Goals

(1) To serve as a bridge connecting professionals and researchers interested in planning issues within and outside Jordan.

(2) To provide a platform to exchange members planning experiences.

(3) The Forum shall foster the intellectual and professional interaction between all types of planners.

‎(4) Assessment of the existing and proposed Planning/ Building regulations in Jordan.

(5) Providing training courses to update members on contemporary planning tools and methods used worldwide.

(6) Expose and promote the members to the public by listing their names, specialty and address on its website.

(7) Promote best practice benchmarking as a planning methodology.

(8) Providing a unified voice for the planners.

(9) Issuing periodical newsletter and publications for planners.

(10) Establish an online data-base for urban/ socioeconomic existing and planned projects in and around Jordan.

(11) Raising awareness about the planning profession among communities and other concerned professionals.

(12) Promoting sound planning practices and new planning concepts.

(13) Establishing the Planners' Act which will increase the proficiency of its members and sets a code of practice for the planning profession.

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